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  1. Jerm

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    Okay, so recently we had a whole crew together and were DOM boosting. We tried about 10 rds, and only ONCE did everyone cooperate and actually just cap, rather than kill. we raked in like 4500 exp that round tho, it was great.

    that being said, i still would like to know if there are 6 other people that are willing to try and get some search and destroy boosting going. i suggest that they be EST but its not necessary, just easier for me to coordinate.

    for those who dont know. snd boosting goes like this. we get 7 people in a NXE party chat. 6 of them make a party in the game and join a search game. the leftover joins the game and is put on the other team. then when the match begins, we have all 6 people place satchels around them, the 1 person on the other team rushes and throws a frag or whatever, killing all 6. then, the next round, they go to a specific spot and throw satchels, and the 1 person will call his artillery there, killing all 6. rinse and repeat.

    we would have to switch every other round or if we could agree on a system like every certain amount of levels gained we switch.

    YOU WILL TAKE DEATHS, as well as get kills. if you are a KD ratio whore, then this is not for you.

    You may reply here, but i wont check as often as my tag. so send a msg to


    let me know youre interested in snd boosting and ill see if we can get enough people.
  2. Pie-chart

    Pie-chart Enthusiast

    Im interested, but these never work....
    GT: FeaR Iz sSilent
  3. NetiK

    NetiK Newbie

    Im down, your already on my FL (Im Avisole), so just invite me when you see me on.
  4. holynutin1

    holynutin1 Newbie

    im in
    gt: a paralyzed pig

    srry but my mic broke but i can still help and listen

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