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Ok, so I wanted to get a refund for Minecraft ( I bought it the day of release) and ran into this problem-

Please wait for an agent to respond. You are currently '18' in the queue.
All agents are currently assisting others. Thank you for your patience. An agent will be with you shortly. You are currently '19' in the queue.
All agents are currently assisting others. Thank you for your patience. An agent will be with you shortly. You are currently '17' in the queue.
All agents are currently assisting others. Thank you for your patience. An agent will be with you shortly. You are currently '15' in the queue.
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You are now chatting with 'Dustin'.
Dustin: Hello, thank you for contacting Xbox Customer Support. My name is Dustin. How can I help you today?
anthony: Hello. I have bought Minecraft on it's release date and was dis appointed that I was not able to p[lay with my little brother yesterday due ti sue having a standard definition TV.
Dustin: Sorry to hear that you're having this issue today, Anthony! It must be frustrating. I'm not seeing that it was purchased from our marketplace in your history here. Did you redeem a prepaid code for the game?
anthony: Im opretty sure I did under the gamertag "thousiitentkilla"
anthony: I have recently changed my contact information because this was my older brothers account and updated it to mine if thay may be the case?
Dustin: Alright, I should be able to take a look at that and possibly refund it, but you would need to be signed in with the Windows Live Id for that gamertag. Are you able to sign in on the console and get your sign in information if you're not sure of it?
anthony: Yes I already am on my console on the gamertag.
Dustin: Ok perfect! You'll want to tap the guide button on the center of the controller > settings > account management > (move 2 panels to the right) > Windows Live ID.
anthony: Yes, it is *********@gmail.com I changed it recently to my information but the old email was "*********@yahoo.com"
Dustin: In order for me to resolve your issue you'll need to sign in with the Windows Live ID that is associated with your gamertag. If you need help finding the right Windows Live ID let me know.
To sign in, go here .
Dustin: Let me know if you're able to sign into the account that purchased Minecraft please.
anthony: ok I signed in.
Dustin: You may need to sign out of this account first though.
Dustin: I think this is the same gamertag I was just looking at with the Gmail ID. The other gamertag you think purchased Minecraft should be under a different ID.
anthony: I am on the same account. MY gamertag is THOUsiIentKILLA, and I have recently changed the billing information.
anthony: I purchased Miencraft on THOUsiIentKILLA with the windows live ID of " *********@yahoo.com" on May 9th, and last night I have changed my email from " ********* Yahoo.com" to " *********@gmail.com"
Dustin: Ok, I see. I'm not seeing that Minecraft was purchased on this gamertag actually, but I'm seeing that this gamertag has been playing the game.
Dustin: Even if you changed the Windows Live ID, the purchase history would still show the same. It would have been purchased with another gamertag it seems.
Dustin: You can check this also by visiting your download history under this gamertag.
Dustin: By tapping the guide button > settings > account management > download history.
anthony: I am 100% Sure I have purchased it.
anthony: Last night I tried to get a refund, but I did not know the account information (my older brother wasn't home). But they did conclude that it was bought on May 9th.
Dustin: I don't doubt that, but it would have been under a different gamertag since your history for this gamertag does not show Minecraft was purchased. Is there another account on your Xbox that might have made the purchase?
anthony: I did not license transfer ever on this xbox, nor did this xbox have any LIVE accounts that arent thouhsiientkilla
Dustin: Ok, did you check the download history on your Xbox at all to see if it appears there?
anthony: I just chacked my download history and it says "Game purchase history: Miencraft: Xbox 360 Edition"
anthony: Would you like a picture for proof?
Dustin: That may not help unless your gamertag appears on the same screen, I'm just not finding it in your History and would not be able to refund an item that is not in the history.
anthony: I have 2 previous attempts where they did conclude that I have purchased it.
anthony: Last night, I did the online chat and they did see the purchase.
anthony: Then I called and they did confirm it. The reference number was 1177482487
Dustin: Thanks, let me see what I pull up with that number.
anthony: I can even give you the code I redeemed for 1600 Microsoft points that I redeemed 2 days before Minecratf came out.
Dustin: Sorry for the wait, Anthony. That case number seems like it may be under a different gamertag account so I'm looking into it.
anthony: I changed the windows live ID!
Dustin: Ok, I did find that case number under this account, but I'm still not seeing the 1600 points code redeemed on this account or the purchase of Minecraft. Do you have the 25 character code from the prepaid card?
anthony: Yes. It is YRD6Y-PTBHP-CXVWB-4VRM3TRC27
Dustin: Yes, I'm seeing the code was redeemed on this account earlier this month. Just a moment while I look into that a little further please.
Dustin: I'm seeing this gamertag was created on 8/9, but it has a status today in your MS points account that makes it look like your points account was just created today. Was this gamertag suspended at all?
Dustin: That was *8/9/2010, by the way.
anthony: It was suspended for 2 weeks when my brother used it. Then he gave it to me. Then after awhile, he gave the gamertag to me, with 130 Microsoft-points on it. I then redeemed the 1600 Microsoft Points code, then I bought Minecraft on May 9th. After that, I tried getting a refund last night, but did not have the account's information, only the gamertag on the console. SO then I cahnged the Windows Live ID and I got an email today on *********@gmail.com saying that "Your Microsoft-points balance was successfully transferred! (130 MSP)
anthony: I know your doing your best, but this is a little disappointing that I am getting all of this trouble because I changed LIVE ID's...
Dustin: That's interesting. When changing the Windows Live ID, the points history usually stays in tact. My apologies for drawing this out. Since I don't have a 1600 point purchase to reference and make a refund for I have a couple of option for you.
anthony: ....
Dustin: I could escalate this to your tier 3 department and have them refund the points or send you a new code. If you'd prefer not to wait. I can upgrade you to 3 months of Gold for free today since I see your subscription ends in a day or so.
anthony: The upgrade you be nice, thank you.
Dustin: My pleasure! I'll have that done for you in just a moment, sir.
Dustin: Sorry about the wait. It seems to be asking for a credit card for me to make the change, although I will not be charging the card.
Dustin: Do you have one you could add to the account so I can get the upgrade to process?
anthony: No, my brother wanted me to take his credit card off and neither of my parents are home... Sorry
Dustin: Let me go ahead and send you an item for this to your email inbox. What is the best contact email address to reach you at?
anthony: *********@gmail.com
Dustin: Thank you, let me know if you're able to find that in your inbox in a few minutes please.
anthony: Yes thank you, it worked! Sorry for wasting your time on this little problem.
Dustin: No worries at all, Anthony. Glad I could help! Anything else I can do for you while we're here at all?
anthony: No thank you.
Dustin: Our case number is 1177514101, and have a great weekend coming up!
Dustin: Thanks for contacting Xbox Customer Support and have a great day!
To end your chat please click
near the top of the chat window.

Dont be a **** and spam any of those emails please.

TLDR; Bought an xbox from a guy, didnt have account information, got it form him, changed info on gamertag, couldn't confirm purchase, gave me a 3 month instead :smile:

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yeah they're ****ing stupid, i had the same problem with my gears 3 season pass except they it ended with them saying i never purchased it, yet the whole time i was ****ing staring at it in my download history


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At least you got some free live out of the deal


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TLDR; Bought an xbox from a guy, didnt have account information, got it form him, changed info on gamertag, couldn't confirm purchase, gave me a 3 month instead :smile:
So you lied?
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