Slender The Arrival Confirmed on Xbox One and PS4, rumor of a Wii U Release!


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Slender The Arrival sold over 100,000 copies since the release of the game on the PC (March 26th, 2013). September 23rd and September 24th, of this year, Slender was released on Playstation 3, and on September 24th, the game came out on Xbox 360. The games sold very well, and is available on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 Marketplace if you want to get a hint of what I am talking about. Slender The Arrival is now coming to the Xbox One and Playstation 4 gaming platforms, and there is also a rumor going around that Slender The Arrival will also be coming to the Wii U, but it has not been confirmed by the producers of the frightening game.

Midnight City, the producers of Slender The Arrival, confirmed that they were working on The Arrival for the newest generation consoles. The idea of The Arrival coming to Xbox One and Playstation 4 has been floating around the internet for sometime, after it was suggested by a European ratings board listing. Unfortunately, no other information was included within the interview, which also includes no release date. Halloween is right around the corner, so there is a chance of a release within the next few days. If there is no release before Halloween, then you'll have to entertain yourself some other way that night.

As I previously said, there is a possibility of a release on the Wii U, but it has not been confirmed yet by the producers. The reason that they believe that The Arrival may be released on the Wii U, is suggested by the title being on a PEGI listing. We have no other information on the Wii U. I'd like to see The Arrival on the Wii U, I wanted to see how they are planning on doing it. I think using the pad would be a very creative and fun way to play this game. As said, It is not been confirmed, but Midnight City did say this,
"still evaluating the title for a port to Wii U and cannot confirm [it] at this time. - Midnight City"

My personal opinion on this, I haven't played the PC version, but I did play it on Xbox 360. I enjoyed the game itself, and liked how you are still challenged, collecting the notes, achievement hunting, and things like that. I personally will be picking up a copy of this game once it hits the Xbox One marketplace, will anyone else here also be picking up a copy? The Arrival was Bone-Chilling, and I am excited to see it with better and improved graphics. I am looking forward to purchasing this game, hopefully it will be like the other Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 prices, which would be $10. Is anyone else interested in picking this game up?

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Would like to see a slender game with a story line like The Evil Within. Not the same story line but one like it.


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Sorry, I Inkd , since I previously covered the release of this game for the Xbox 360 and PS3, we don't feel that it's needed to have another article covering the Xbox One and PS4 releases, as most of the information is the same. Hope to see you submitting more in the future.


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They released it on xbox one and ps4 later for a reason, more money :biggrin: Greedy m8's they are
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