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I was able to recreate this behavior, it's very easy to do, possibly because lots of us made that unintentionally:

Single Player map Online:
1-Make sure you entered online mode after open the game (because loading online mode by first time is longer)
2-Go to Creator
3-In Creator Menu, put cursor in "Exit to Grand Theft Auto V"
4-Press Pause
5-Go Online Tab > Play GTA Online > Invite only session and start spamming "confirm" button (Enter, X, A etc.. according your platform)

Game will try load online, but because you spammed button and selected "Exit to Grand Theft Auto V" too, which is single player, this map will be carried to online!

Before game leaves the creator (sky screen starting to move), map already turned to single player version (you can stay next to casino on creator to saw the map changing in "real time")!
It's easy to know if you've hitted the glitch, only pay attention to sky screen "3 camera beats", this screen will be A LOT SLOWER than usual while it's active (see video below, same for teleports while in session, job joinings and so, all sky screen will be like 7x slower)
-The map will stays in missions and lots of situations, you can return original map, by going single player or creator, and back online!

(I put "Invite only session" on steps only for faster loading)

Almost all Interiors are killed with this glitch, maybe it's not loaded at all.

Below is what happens when trying to enter interiors:
**All tests were made before today/yesterday patch**

-Bunker - Longer load screen and kicks you after, entering bunker with MOC will kick you WITH MOC, but it can't move!
-MOC with vehicle: Kicks you but vehicle is stored inside (even you is kicked WITH vehicle)
-MOC on foot: I don't remember, probabbly not good!
-Standard 10 car garages: infinite loading
-RC bandito: Game will try call that, infinite loading screen will comes, you can back from that, joining player in different target mode (accept first alert, cancel second), but game will try call RC again few seconds after you spawn, you can open pause menu, and it will be available in black loading screen
-Casino Penthouse: stuck in entrance view
-Casino: stucked under the map, wait about 30seconds and you'll be falling under the map!
-Entering Nightclub garages with vehicles: longer black screen, you'll be under the map, and can be killed by death barrier! Exit vehicle if want to avoid be killed
-Entering Terrorbyte with MK2: kicked with vehicle
-Terrorbyte without vehicle: kicked
-Terrorbyte driver seat and holding Dpad right to enter interior: you'll be kicked but game ALWAYS will try put you in interior again, some seconds after kick (similar to RC bandito), pause when screen is not black or spamming button to get outside vehicle will stop game from try put you in terrorbyte interior!
-Avenger back or driver and hold dpad left: kicked
-Avenger with upgradable vehicle: kicked with vehicle
-Apartment garage on foot: stucked on entering animation
-6 car garage: can enter
-Hangar on foot: kicked
-Hangar with pegasus helicopter: vehicle is converted in personal vehicle, you is kicked without vehicle, but vehicle icon (yellow pegasus icon) is visible on map (vehicle under the map?)
-MC garage with vehicle: Stucked in black screen. Join player in different target mode, accept first alert, deny second brings you to flash screen, vehicle is with motor turned on but can't move (probabbly game is trying to load something on loop)
-MC front door/garage on foot: stucked in entrance forever
-Facility with Thruster or vehicle-full garage or not: under the map with vehicle which can't move (no death barrier), you can get ouside vehicle to fall under the map
-Facility on foot: Kicked out with infinite facility entrance sound effect
-Facility with Avenger: kicked out with avenger (infinite sound until you get out vehicle??)
-Vehicle and Cargo Warehouses: kicked

**All under the map places are below your icon, not interior location (trying to enter NC will brings you not in airport, but under the map where is your NC icon)**

Staying next to arena let your game with bad performance, frame drops and etc...
-Arena with vehicle (full garage): infinite loading screen, joining player in different target mode (accept first alert, cancel second and you'll be frozen in flash screen with minimap, can't pause or move, you need wait about 1minute until map appear and if you wait, death barrier kills you, if you press button to get outside vehicle you'll fall under the map!
-Arena with vehicle (no full garage alert): similar to previous, but you can pause, and switch expanded map
-Arena on foot: kicked after some seconds, player will be on blue circle and will try to enter again (can cancel)
-CEO Office/Garages/Custom auto shop on foot/with vehicles: stucked

-Lester Doomsday invite: will take lots of seconds to teleport you, after that, you'll kicked out the facility
-Lester Heist Ap invite: After teleport to your apartment, you'll be in gliched apartment heist screen, you can cancel for fall in glitched apartment structure (use parachute to avoid death) you'll be trapped on this. If you accept mission on glitched heist board, you can cancel mission in configuration screen, and you'll fall in your apartment, now in a almost normal state, heist board only display the map, and you can open door and go to elevator, which open doors but is not functional, (can't exit by doing this!)

Lots of different things come from this, can anyone get anything useful?

For the opposite, I trying to invert previous method, it was easier than expected, made this on first try, while was writing that! I didn't test anything from opposite because I made this now.

"Online map" in Single Player:
1-Go to Creator and put cursor in "Exit to GTA Online"
2-Do that fast: disconnect internet, press button to confirm "Exit to GTA Online" (you'll get error about game not downloading online files, accept that fast), connect internet!
I don't tried many variations from this method, but it worked two times (tried 3 times only, third time I don't reconnect and failed)
-By what I saw, creator and director were disabled while "online map" is on SP (probabbly because disconnect), but in my third try (fail), creator and director were available!

Online Eclipse Towers Entrance

Online Casino

Online Casino
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What on your map is telling you that that's SP map?
Eclipse towers were different too...
I made nothing special, after entering online mode, it happened. Wasn't trying some complicated things!
Some places were causing frame drops when close, and before I mess trying go to some interior I checked and was able to open menus, pause, phone and so, only notable difference was the map!
You can notice people flying above casino? the NPC are in same place from online, but the structures were from story mode, and colisions too (my character was hiting walls from single player casino, not online one).

I tried to go under the map messing with "older casino" but no luck.

Any chance of this being a internet issue? (even my connection were very good, no crash, high ping or any instability, it was good) :wacky:

Navy Davey

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It could be a connection issue or an issue server side.
That being said I have been able to get SP phone and map online before when Bahama Mamas was first put back in the game. I had a job trigger inside the front lobby before the death barrier was active. A got a one time occurrence of this after I used job teleport to get inside. Nothing came from it. It’s probably something to do with the old Casino still being a part of story mode.
The new Casino is both in Creator and online and just a shell over the original which is only viewable in story mode.
Unfortunately it was a “one off” experience and I was never able to recreate it.


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Ya this happens rarely for no reason other than lag on rockstars end I believe. I’ve seen others post about before and it’s happened to me once


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Yeah i tried to break it when you replied to S shiftteam about the cryptic message, that **** was hilarious..
But i couldn't remove an emoji and was in a rush so decided to dm you both about it lol

The main reason for breaking my commitment wasn't for humour unfortunately but uts always nice to add some anytime its possible.


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I try the first three steps, goes to cloud at normal speed. takes super long to load to gta online, eventually I get timed out loading session error.

am I doing something wrong, or is it game?

EDIT: soon after typing this I tried a third time and finally got it to hit :roflmao:


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When loading online map into single player, are you supposed to get black screen after accepting the last message and reconnecting?


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When loading online map into single player, are you supposed to get black screen after accepting the last message and reconnecting?
No black screen for me, I was playing on PC.

I've made the online map in SP only two times, the way I do, you need to be fast:
-Disconnect, select "exit to gta online", confirm any error screen you got, and connect again fast enough (if you is slow, social club is disconnected and you need login again, which is a fail because game will load the normal map)

Maybe there are different ways to do because consoles dashboards and stuff.
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