Should this section have its own award???

Should this section have its own award???

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So do you think this section should have its own award???

Not sure what type of award but i feel some people in this section deserve to get an award.

You have got alot of awards for other things i.e posting alot in other parts of the forum etc but there is nothing for the sports people.

I feel this section is getting popular due to Ultimate team and think an award for the people who contribute and also posts alot would be good.

Note: Im not doing this because i want 1 (I wouldnt mind if i got 1 :tongue: ) but i feel the likes of Matt, Mythic IV and others who do alot for this section should be rewarded (If they want the award of corse)

If your not sure what an award is look here

Only an idea, let me know what you think.

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Personally an award wouldn't encourage me to post anymore or any less, I'm happy in helping others in their team building and I enjoy playing people from the community
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