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Shooting Scarab Beam

Discussion in 'Halo 2 Modding Tutorials' started by rbneville, Jul 2, 2009 with 4 replies and 2,300 views.

  1. rbneville

    rbneville Newbie

    Software required:
    Insolence (can be found HERE)

    In this tut i will show you how to make any weapon shoot scarab beams.

    1..... Open both 03_oldmambasa and the map you want the weapon to shoot scarab beams in (for me will be beavercreek) in insolence.

    2..... Go to the projectile tab in oldmambasa and locate scarab_main_beam.

    3..... Click and drag scarab_main_beam to your other map. After the transfer is done you can close insolence.

    4..... Open the other map in DotHalo. Now swap the meta offset of the weapon you want to shoot the beam with the meta offset of the scarab_main_beam.

    5..... The best weapon for this is the plasma riffle. If you choose to use the plasma riffle. Go to the plasma riffles projectile and set Min Rate of fire,Max Rate of fire, and heat per round to 0 and set shot per burst to 1.

    This is my first tut so plz give any feedback. I will try to post pictures soon.:thumbup:
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  2. ShadowZ

    ShadowZ Enthusiast

    Just a few tips. Try to put a download link to any program you are using as long as it is freeware, also try to say what game your tut is for because I know that this is for halo 2 but other people might not know that. At least I think it is for halo 2...
  3. KN1GHTH4WK429

    KN1GHTH4WK429 Enthusiast

    good tut man but you can always use turf.map also turf has the scarab beam in it
    and this wont work on a xbl party unless its turf
    if they dont have the info than they cant see it even if its visable
    so no shooting the scarab beam on containment
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  4. Atlas

    Atlas Fughedaboudit. VIP Retired

    But won't the beam work on any map? like when you play offline..shouldnt it still work?
  5. VinnyHaw

    VinnyHaw Premium Premium

    OP updated with link to software

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