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Patched Shipwreck : Stromberg wallbreach part1...

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First ever Stromberg wall breach
  1. Goto this location the map their also a yacht location their
  2. I use the Stromberg but you can use any underwater... shhh
  3. As you get towards the shipwreck, the top windows of the ship control tower is the access point
  4. By Stromberg the place is small, but dip out and have a swim and its massive
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Why not just do one post with all the breaches ?


Getting There
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15 wallbreach which they never patch since day one of the release of GTA

If you are bored mate just Post these separately

I’m just messing with you man

wall-breach 1 :smile:
Park the car up to the wall as shown in the video Then Press the jump button and you should entner it
wall-breach 2 :smile:
Go to the location on video Climb on top of this bush and press R1 to crouch down against the rock Bring up your phone and join a gerald job Then just back out and you should be inside of the rock
wall-breach 3 :smile:
Go to the location on the map at the back of the garden there is a ladder to the roof Go to the pyramid looking at things go to the pyramid looking things aim your gun jump up an aim again and you should drop in to them
wall-breach 4 :smile:
This wall-breach it’s right close to the last one Grab your self a motorbike simple just reverse the bike into the wall as shown on video
wall-breach 5 :smile:
Go to the location showing on video Grab yourself a car just reverse your car against the wall and you should hop in
wall-breach 6 :smile:
Grab yourself a car go to the location shown on video and drive the nose off your car between the doorway Just jump up on the right side of the doorway Once in the wall-breach there is a second one which a lot of people don’t know check video
wall-breach 7 :smile:
Grab yourself a car go to the location shown on map in the video Park it in front of the door and just jump up and you should be
wall-breach 8 :smile:
Go to location as shown on video use a vehicle To get to the top of a roof Once on the grave just walked into the Doorway thing doorway thing lol as shown in video
wall-breach 9 :smile:
Grab yourself a motorcycle once again
Go to location showing on my map you can use the stairway on the side of building Once on roof just just drive your bike forward at the wall quite hard and you should glitch in the building
wall-breach 10 :smile:
Grab yourself a car and go to the back of the police station as shown in the video Park it up against the bridge simply just jump up and should climb into the bridge
wall-breach 11 :smile:
Go to the location shown in the video go Up against the wall and Croach against it and you should be able to slide over into the wall-breach
wall-breach 12 :smile:
This one is pretty good It’s a invisible wall go to location in the video At the bottom of the car park If you enter the little square nobody can shoot you you can use your sniper gun to shoot them
wall-breach 13 :smile:
Go to the location on the map as shown on video Simple just go up to the spot of the tree and jump up are I use my analog to control where I dropped in
wall-breach 14 :smile:
Go to the location shown on map in video Back your car up against the stairwell between your door Get out of the car Jump on top of the car and just jumped up and you should be in the roof bit
wall-breach 15 :smile:
Get on top of the roof with as shown in video you can walk into the little square as shown in video Or you can enter The centre of the building with a jet pack Fly your jet pack in that little square up against the wall till you reach the top and it should slide you straight in

Hope some of you find them useful enjoy :smile:
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