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    Have you been wanting desperately to get to a higher level and best your friends in the new map Shi No Numa? Well, I decided that as I posted a guide earlier to Verrukt, I'm going to post another one for Shi No Numa. These strategies though, keep in mind, are ALOT harder than ones in Verrukt.


    I personally suck at solo, but i'll try and explain the best I can based on what i've heard from legit level 60+s.

    Solo: (I did not make this strat, credit to JDI Anakin)

    First, start off the game and get points to do the usual stuff... get Juggernog and Speed Cola and if you really want, double tap root beer(although it's not essential like the other two, so get it AFTER all the perks and other steps when you have a ankle biter). I strongly advise COMPLETELY avoiding the mystery box and buying a trusty trench gun or thompson off the wall. No BS here - the game is focused on luck enough and we don't want to die on wave 12 or something because we spent 5k points getting a arisaka from the box.

    Step 2: Spin the mystery box. Try and keep at least 1,000 points at all times so you can activate a trap if overwhelmed. Get a Wunderwaffe DG-2. A ray gun would also be useful, and I strongly encourage doing the multiple weapons glitch at least once and grabbing a thompson or trench gun off the wall for dogs. But it's not essential. You can get a Wunderwaffe and a thompson and go high with those weapons.

    Here you can pick multiple strategies.

    Strat A: (JDI Anakin) Stay on the fishing hut side of the flogger. When the round starts, activate the flogger. Then, train the zombies(run around so that they bunch up). that come at you from the fishing hut side as the flogger takes care of the ones on the other side. When they stop coming, use your wunderwaffe and aim for the feet of one of the zombies in the huge bunch following you. You should be able to take out most of them. Another one or two shots should be sufficient to end the round. Rinse and repeat.

    Strat B: (oOMorrisOo) Go to the yard of the Communications Room. Just run around in a circle on the metal boards in the swamp in front of the hut and jump when you reach the part where you must cross the swamp to move faster in it. Train the zombies and when they stop coming, circle around once more until you leave the tiny hut on the left side of the yard. Then, gain some clearance, turn around, and blast the head zombie with your wunderwaffe. Once again aim for the feet or ground near them. The explosive effect will take out most, and another one or two will clean the rest up. Rinse and repeat.

    Solo dogs: Whatever you do, please don't try camping in a corner of a hut. What this means is either:

    Death at reload
    Death by raygun shots
    Death by overwhelm of puppies

    What I would do is maybe camp outside somewhere by the water. The dogs can not spawn right next to you doing this, which allows for:

    Ability to leave at will in case of emergencies
    Range for ray gun shots
    No being overwhelmed by multiple dogs spawning next to you

    3-4 PLAYERS

    This is more of a universal strategy that I use and I'm sure many of you can use it to great effect too.

    First off, do the usual boring stuff. Open up stuff, touch the box every now and then... you know.

    The next part is based on luck. You need to camp in the hut that has juggernog in it. If it spawns storage or comm room, consider yourself screwed. If it spawns Doctor's Quarters or Fishing Hut, you're in luck!

    Spin the box and follow it until you all have ray guns and somebody has the flamethrower, and another with a wunderwaffe. Buy betties. Once again I strongly recommend all of you to do one of the multiple gun glitches available on the map. Having 3 weapons each greatly helps your ammo needs as you can carry a backup gun bought off the wall when situations aren't stressful enough to waste your powerful mystery box gun's ammo.

    Camp in the hut with juggernog now. Plant your betties in an area that you will run to if the zombies overwhelm your mainstream defensive position, but make sure that they are really in a last resort spot. Don't plant your betties in a populated area, it's a waste to kill two zombies with something that you only get two of every round. If you did the three gun glitch, exchange your third and weakest gun from the box(but don't exchange the mystery box "gems" such as the flamethrower, wunderwaffe and ray gun) when you run out of ammo for it. Two people will watch the windows, two people watch the front. The guy with the flamethrower must watch the windows.

    When somebody gets downed, everybody MUST switch to their most powerful weapons until he is revived. Then the normality returns and you can switch once you get back in control and the downed guy buys his juggernog again.

    For dogs, camp in the hut. The solo tactics don't matter here. Try and stay separated so everybody has each others backs. Try not to use the ray gun as it's the weapon of choice for suicides and making you lose your perks.

    If you do lose your perks other than juggernog, get an ankle biter at the end of the round or get a guy to hold one at the window. Then buy all your perks again and resume. ALWAYS KEEP AT LEAST 5,000 POINTS.

    And that's it. Please thank me if my strategies help you, I do my best to explain in depth how to rank high.
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    I used a modified version of JDI's strategy to get to my 24. It's actually quite easy.

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