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OR/AS Sharpedo distributed at 2015 World Championships



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At the 2015 World Championships that will be held in Boston from Aug. 21 until Aug. 23, a Sharpedoholding its Mega Stone will be distributed. It will be distributed to the Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire games

Sharpedo will be level 50, comes in a Cherish Ball, and has an Event Ribbon. It will have the Adamant Nature, and will have the Ability Speed Boost before it evolves. It will also have the moves Aqua Jet, Destiny Bond, Crunch and Ice Fang. It will be available for both participants and attendees at the World Championships.

Honestly I think if you have the chance to grab it I would even though the movest isn't the greatest it's still a very viable Pokemon and a great way to remember your trip to Worlds. (:​
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