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  1. Fiahhh

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    Ok, I am getting ready to finish my first mod, but there are still several things which need to edited:

    1. I made a custom skin for my ghost, but there is a glare on it that makes it look like the normal color. How do I remove this glare?

    2. How do I change the colors of effects (if its possible). I've read in some tutorials that all you need to do is skin the bitm the color you want, but doing that just causes the effect not to show up at all.

    3. How to I make impact effects? Whenever I edit an impact effect, in the effe tag, it never changes anything.
  2. joey4785

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    #1 Try Changing the 3 last digits in the meta editor on your shad to "0".

    #2 Never have done it.

    #3 The reason it's not showing up for impact effects is because when you change an impact effect it just changes for one texture of the map.. If you are modding lockout it might just change for the grate. Not the floor. You have to find the right one to change.

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