Seriously 2.0 SPG Glitch (After July 09 Update)


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I have no way to show you, but I made a new account and didn't want to get it Legit again. But here's what I did.

1. Get a Dummy Account
2. Clear Xbox 360 Cache and Unplug your Wireless/Ethernet
3. Sign in using your Seriously Account
4. Go to Training Grounds and Select the 1st one.
5. As soon as you press A, quickly press the Guide Button and Sign Out, and then Into the account you want Seriously on.
6. After it kicks you back to the Menu saying a Sign-In Change has occured, turn back on your Internet and Install the Update, If done correctly you will be able to get Seriously 2.0 WHILE being connected to the internet and all the other achievements you usually got before.

If someone else can confirm this, that would be great!
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