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Xbox One Seeking Gta 5 crew To Join...

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Im a laid back gamer who likes to laugh and have fun but get down to business when its time. I'm looking for an active, mature and organized crew. I can follow orders or lead if put in that position.
Im a level 181 on gta 5 owning most pegasus vehicles and bunker vehicles. I like to make money, do heist, missions or kill players in lobbies.
Message me on Xbox if your crew is recruiting, my gamer tag is: LiquidGamer007

Rogers SK

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Will be adding you soon. Rogers sk it is


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if you are looking for a small group of people, let me know. We are a small group of friends who like doing the same type of stuff. Message me on here, or shoot me a xbl msg, using my forum name as gamertag.

XDDX PurpleQueen83

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Demons of Discord has a vision of a crew that will have been around long enough to have gone through its trials as a club and become stronger by it. We hope that with meticulous organization through the efforts of our members and its leadership that we can have a community of like minded players. We recruit the person, by which I mean that basically we just want to hang out with cool people. We recruit adults and understand that there is a life outside of GTA and video games are a hobby. We hope to hold a reputation of welcoming everyone and everyone has their place.

-Making money, legit
-Occupying entire lobbies
-Weekly meets
-Messenger chat for different ranks
-Growing in strength and numbers
-Rank is determined by eye color:
* Red-Knights and above
*Red with blue iris-Lieutenants
* Black-Demons
* White-Familiars
Dress code:
* Dark clothing
* Shirt/jacket should include patch
* Correct eye color

To start in our crew you have to be willing to help first. Help to get help. When you have shown loyalty and commitment as a team player you will rank up and be more likely to receive help.

1. When helping crew members, please make sure all of their work has been completed. This is not a “I help you with one thing, you help me with everything” crew.
2. Please be courteous when asking for help. Keep it limited so everyone can get help as needed. Don’t expect to deliver cars, refill warehouse, sell and resupply businesses, etc. all in one run unless it has been discussed prior.
3. Please make use of the Party option on Xbox. If you are working on a Heist, chat on Xbox either via Mic, or messages. The FB chat is to find help, not general chatting. So much is lost because there is unnecessary talking.
4. Every new member must be connected to the DoD Group Page and announce they are a new member. This will help us keep record of who is new and hopefully stay more organized.
5. You must always have the XDDX Crew Tag.
6. You can have your friends play with you, but they must know the rules we follow. No killing friendlies, no destroying work, etc. PLEASE, if your friend is in a Demons Session, make sure you announce they are friendly to the room.
7. We are not your parents. DoD will not stand around holding your hand while you play a game. Being killed is expected when you’re in a public lobby. We only go after trolls and those who kill continuously without reason. If you’re in a public lobby and your shipment gets destroyed, that IS NOT trolling. That’s part of the game. If they destroy your shipment and then continue to kill you, THAT is trolling. We can not always tend to trolls, so if no one is on to help, just move to a different lobby.


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