Search and Destroy Boosting Today Starting 2pm-2.30pm british time

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    I need 6 guys [or even 11 so we have the whole game filled with se7en sins guys] for some Search and Destroy Level Boosting ( Going on until Monday evening)

    For those who are not familiar with SnD boosting, it goes like this:

    If you have 7 guys then 6 of them go into a party and go into a SnD game and the one guy who's getting the XP join's session in progress, or get's invited. Then the 6 person team sets up explosives around them in their spawn (C4). Then the guy who is getting the XP runs close enough to hit them with a Grenade launcher (Noob tube) to kill all the 6 man team. Next round he will have enough kills for an airstrike, so with having that, puts an airstike on the 6 man team's spawn, each round after the initial 1st round. Then for the next game you could help the same guy, or, everyone back out, then a different guy leaves, and the guy who just boosted, gets invited into the party, and repeats as above.

    XP gained: 1100-1250

    If you have a full game of boosters, then you each player take turns per game. So, " __ " will boost an entire 4 rounds, then a different guy on his team will do exactly what " __ " did the previous 4 rounds.

    Not too hard to understand. Im not sure if this is the "official" way of doing SnD boosting. I just put pieces together from watching boosting video's on YouTube.

    My Gamertag: o0 ToM 0o

    Add me if you are interested.

    Im looking forward to doing this!!


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