Se7enSins - Wallpaper Pack

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    Well I just made a wallpaper and, I edited it for each type of resolution.
    Wide-screen only though.

    - 2560x1600
    - 1920x1200
    - 1680x1050
    - 1440x9000
    - 1280x800

    [DOWNLOAD] Se7enSins - Wallpaper Pack from DeviantART


    Click the thumbnail to enlarge in new tab.

    The one in the preview is the 1280px wallpaper.
    When you click it, it may take some time to load they are all 100% uncompressed JPEG's

    I kind of got inspired by 'TiiMPHELAN' for the grey background with the stripes,
    I thank him for that! :thumbup:

    Enjoy your wallpaper!

    Greets and regards,


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