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Xbox 360 Game Mods [savegame.svg] BO2 Custom Modded Solo Campaign Veteran Gamesaves v1

Discussion in 'Call of Duty: BO2 Modding' started by D1G1TAL, Jan 5, 2013 with 182 replies and 161,930 views.

  1. D1G1TAL

    D1G1TAL ║▌││║▌║││║▌│║║│▌ ɴзтшøяkзđ


    Special "F**k You" shoutz to - iTz CharlieB, oChaoticRavenger, JordanB and a few others = for leeching off my gamesaves/gamesave information, making their own videos without giving credit just like they did with my MW3 Gamesaves Mods, lol.

    Sup guys. Well, I have been working on these for a while I just got side-tracked with overtime at work and spending time with the family. All of these gamesaves are set to Veteran difficulty and increased player health to help you complete the missions. I also included a few other mods for fun. These gamesaves work for both offline and online use so it'll be up to you to choose how to use them. I couldn't get Chrome nor Cartoon vision to work in the gamesave but if any of you find a pretty cool vision that is not annoying then feel free to post the dvars and I'll update the gamesaves and of course give you credit for it :biggrin:

    Just open the Horizon Tool, replace my nulled ID's with yours, rehash and resign and then put them back in your USB/HDD.

    Happy Modding :smile:

    * My MW2 Spec Ops Modded Gamesaves HERE
    * My MW3 Spec Ops Modded Gamesaves HERE
    * More modded gamesaves in the Information tab HERE


    [Click here to view the link]

    D1G1TALMODZV1 //This is the password to download the file and open the .zip file after downloading

    Virus Scan:

    * unknown v2 - for his Black Ops 2 Save Editor
    * XboxMB - for their Horizon Tool
    * xI cHOcOLaTe - for his Black Ops 2 dvar dump
    * CaKeZz, Zephyr 7s and Lygofast2121 - for the videos <3
    * iDzyRe and xKiLLa CaM - for their dvar list thread over at XboxMB (although I already knew about some of the dvars in their posts and the rest are non-working commands for binds, I'm giving them credit for their help to that site's community)

    * All COD 5 and Black Ops 1 modders - for their 7S community contributions since I searched alot of pages within those two game sections to look up some dvars, dvar dumps and compare dvar values

    NOTE: The Godmode dvars were the same ones I used for my MW3 Spec Ops gamesaves and Unlimited Ammo for previous COD's but that doesn't mean I'm the founder because all of those dvars were posted on alot of sites by different people so I'm not quite sure who originally found them first. If I missed anyone in the credit list just let me know and I'll update the list.

    Download Unknown v2's BO2 Save Editor + XboxMB's Horizon Tool:

    [Click here to view the link]

    XboxMB's Horizon Tool

    Important notes about Black Ops 2 solo campaign dvars:
    1). I've seen people post useless dvars where they claim it gives them special in-game privileges or super God mode and most of them are just commands used for binds ONLY, lol.
    Here are some of them:

    isSuperUser - 99999999999
    developerHealth - 999999999999
    userHasNoClip - 99999
    UfoModeDebug - 99999999
    maxWeaponAmmo - 9999999999
    maxUserHealth - 9999999999
    player_maxHealth - 999999999999999
    player_healthDebug - 999999999999

    2). The Developer dvars do not work for solo campaign

    3). player_healthDebug - 1 = This only has a value of 1 or 2, not "99999999999999" of nothing.
    There is no need to add alot of 9's to some of these dvars. You don't need "999999999999" of nothing because most of them only have a value of either 1 or 2.

    4). The "no fall damage" dvars and "super jump" dvar do not seem to work for solo campaign so I didn't include them.

    5). The "No AI" dvars, also known as the "Round Skip" mod does work but will not allow you to complete the missions so it's useless.

    6). The "Frozen AI" mod (just like the one I have in my MW3 Spec Ops mods) do not work for this game.

    7). The "default weapon" mod doesn't work for solo campaign.

    8). The wallhack dvars do work but it only seems to work for your weapon and allows you to see through your weapon and depending on your stance it may appear like you have no weapon but you only see 1 bullet. These dvars sometimes interfere with air support when you use them like planes, choppers, etc.

    9). The dvar "cg_fov" doesn't work so "fov" will take it's place

    10). Cartoon nor Chrome Vision seem to work for solo campaign

    11). Lasers on all guns through a dvar, super jump, aim bot, wall hack, motd and compass-based mods like constantly show all enemies in the compass do not work.

    Important information about the mods for each solo campaign mission:
    1). After you complete one mission, the mods reset and will not work for the next mission.

    2). You will have to play the second mission, Save and Quit then mod your gamesave again OR use my modded save for the particular mission that you'd like to play.

    3). There is no current method of making the mods carry over to the rest of the missions without remodding them.

    4). If you fail a mission and it restarts from the checkpoint some of the mods may reset, sometimes they don't. Also, this serves kind of like a "map restart" to enable some mods, but it's not necessary.
    I only noticed this during testing.

    5). These mods will NOT work for the "Special Missions" during the game. Notice that there is no "Save and Quit" when you press Start.

    6). After the first 2 missions in "Pyrrhic Victory", Godmode and Unlimited Ammo will no longer work BUT you will still have Demi-God health along with a few other mods for the rest of the missions

    7). You will know when you have unlimited ammo when your ammo max count turns to 1023.

    8). The Unlimited Ammo mod will work when you pick up any dropped weapons that are the same as your primary and/or secondary weapons.

    9). The Unlimited Ammo mod will also work when you use the Ammo Refill equipment crates which will automatically give you unlimited ammo for your primary, secondary and grenades. It won't work for some special launchers.

    Using these gamesaves will help you unlock the following achievements:
    15G - Black Ops II Master - Complete the campaign on Hardened or Veteran difficulty.

    50G - Futurist - Complete all future levels in veteran.

    50G - Old Fashioned - Complete "Pyrrhic Victory", "Old Wounds", "Time And Fate", and "Suffer With Me" in Veteran.

    Dvar dump that I used as reference:

    Dvars used in these gamesaves:
    ai_corpseCount - 0 //Enemy bodies disappear 2 seconds after being killed = I didn't use this dvar but I'm providing it just incase any of you would like to use it

    bg_gravity - 100 //Low gravity

    g_speed - 800 //Player movement speed

    party_hostname - ^4D1G1TAL ^0MoDz //Custom small text on screen right underneath the FPS counter

    glass_fall_gravity -99 //Broken glass floats slowly

    pickupPrints - 1 //Shows a message on the top-left of your screen when you pick up ammo for any weapon and explosive that you currently have

    cg_cursorHints - 2 //Animated/pulsing effects for dropped weapon icons, equipment crates and other usable items

    player_sprintCameraBob - 0 //No screen bob when sprinting

    player_backSpeedScale - 20 //Fast backward speed

    player_meleeInterruptFrac - 0 //Fast melee attacks - there is no pause after each melee attack

    player_sprintSpeedScale - 5 //Fast sprint speed

    player_sprintUnlimited - 1 //Unlimited sprint

    Demi-God Mode (Increased Player Health)

    g_player_maxhealth - 2000 // This is the max value, anything higher than this will revert to its default value
    g_radiusDamageMax - 0
    player_radiusDamageMultiplier - 0
    player_damageMultiplier - 0
    player_meleeDamageMultiplier - 0
    player_deathInvulnerableToMelee - 1
    player_deathInvulnerableToProjectile - 1
    ai_meleeDamage - 0
    ai_meleeRange - 0
    ai_meleeHeight - 0
    ai_meleeWidth - 0

    Custom error message in box

    ui_errorMessage - ^1Version ^51.0 //2nd line text
    ui_errorMessageDebug - ^3Happy ^1Modding!! //3rd line text
    ui_errorTitle - ^6CuStOm ^2MoDz ^1By ^4D1G1TAL //Big text

    Note: This will only appear after you resume game, play the game for a few seconds, save and quit and when the game ends these custom messages will appear. This may only work once per mission because I tried doing it again on 1 mission and it never appeared. I know this is useless but I still included the dvars in the gamesaves.

    Warning message colors for weapon ammo

    lowAmmoWarningColor1 - 0 0 1 1 // 1 of 2 flashing "Reload" warning colors
    lowAmmoWarningColor2 - 0 1 0 1 // 2 of 2 flashing "Reload" warning colors
    lowAmmoWarningNoReloadColor1 - 1 1 0 1 // 1 of 2 flashing "Low Ammo" warning colors
    lowAmmoWarningNoReloadColor2 - 1 0 0 1 // 2 of 2 flashing "Low Ammo" warning colors
    lowAmmoWarningNoAmmoColor1 - 1 0 1 1 // 1 of 2 flashing "No Ammo" warning colors
    lowAmmoWarningNoAmmoColor2 - 0 0 0 1 // 2 of 2 flashing "No Ammo" warning colors

    Far Melee

    player_meleeRange - 1000
    player_meleeHeight - 1000
    player_meleeWidth - 1000

    FOV Mod

    fov - 80
    cg_gun_x - 7

    Big FPS Counter

    cg_drawfps - 1
    cg_drawBigFPS - 1

    Unlimited Ammo

    player_sustainAmmo - 1
    player_clipSizeMultiplier - 1000

    Reference Notes:
    Color Codes:

    For the weapon warning messages (Reload, Low Ammo and No Ammo)

    Green = 0 1 0 1
    Yellow = 1 1 0 1
    Blue = 0 0 1 1
    Red = 1 0 0 1
    Dark Pink = 1 0 1 1
    Cyan = 0 1 1 1
    White = 1 1 1 1
    Black = 0 0 0 1

    For the custom text on-screen

    ^0 - Black
    ^1 - Red
    ^2 - Green
    ^3 - Yellow
    ^4 - Blue
    ^5 - Cyan
    ^6 - Purple
    ^7 - Default
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  2. Boo 7s

    Boo 7s All Powerful

    Awesome Digi. I can tell just by looking this over that you put a lot of time and effort into this! I hope this too gets pinned just like your mw3 game saves. Everyone using these: enjoy!
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  3. Pazmaniac

    Pazmaniac Getting There

    nice release as always bro...ty
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  4. NYC

    NYC AKA BrettsMοds

    very nice man.

    I tried editing a savegame of mine with basically the same dvars earlier, but nothing worked in-game. Not sure why. I guess I'll try it later.

    Thanks for these!
  5. C S R

    C S R Contributor

    Looks like you put alot of work into this. Great work!
  6. Im4eversmart

    Im4eversmart The hacks are real

    First real thread that gives premade modded saves, and this deserves a sticky.
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  7. OP

    D1G1TAL ║▌││║▌║││║▌│║║│▌ ɴзтшøяkзđ

    Thanks for the support guys :smile: :cool:
  8. Syrus

    Syrus Just chill out

  9. The Mexinerd

    The Mexinerd dank memes

    I vouch for my good man here D1G1TAL
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  10. Vibrator

    Vibrator Reborn

    Damn it D1G1TAL I was suppose to steal all the credit. Y u no let me help. Good work buddy.
  11. P3T3

    P3T3 Enthusiast

  12. HotLikeMexico

    HotLikeMexico - The Great Maes -

  13. Cakes

    Cakes Administrator Administrator

    Can't wait to see what else gets added in the future :smile:.
  14. Original 7s

    Original 7s Don't pay for stealth

    when i saw the new bo2 save editor i knew it had your name written all over it:wink:
  15. Senpai

    Senpai Getting There

    Digital is it bad I was waiting for a savegame mod from you after MW3 Spec ops stuff haha p:
  16. superside2

    superside2 Enthusiast

    Nice job man. How long do you think till the other missions will be updated?
  17. Senpai

    Senpai Getting There

    Tried using the gamesaves just says corrupt or not found but xbox says it isn't found. Idk
  18. Th3-Chronikk

    Th3-Chronikk Hacker Of All Game Systems

    Didn't work for me either
  19. Senpai

    Senpai Getting There

    I hit reume game and it some what worked
  20. OP

    D1G1TAL ║▌││║▌║││║▌│║║│▌ ɴзтшøяkзđ

    LOL, no it's not bad bro hahahaha.


    Open Horizon, replace all 3 nulled ID's (Profile, Device and Console) with your ID's, rehash and resign then put them back in your USB/HDD. I tested all of them on my second account and had 2 other people test them as well and had no problems with them.


    I'm not sure about that one bro.

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