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Discovery Save the saddle bag to an outfit



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Disclaimer that I think this time around it will be impossible (at least for now) for us to save the saddle bag to an outfit, but here's hoping that someone finds a way.

So at some free roam stranger missions (mail delivery for example) you get a saddle bag ("bag" as the game calls them) on your character's shoulder. What I did find out is that if you wait the delivery of the last bag just before the timer ends, it can let you keep the bag after the mission. This has happened to me twice already. After the mission has ended, both times I tried to save the outfit with no luck. The bag just doesn't save to the outfit. Infact it seems like you lose the bag when you even view your other outfits in the wardrobe. I have no idea if you could still keep the bag as long as you are in the same session. I don't know if dying with it makes it disappear or if you can switch sessions.

Some background info if you're having a hard time replicating this yourself:
- Both times it has happened, we've had 5+ people in my persistent posse.
- First mission was mail delivery from Saint Denis' postman.
- Second mission was Sean's where you stop the coach and deliver bags from the passengers afterwards.
- Both of the times only I kept the bag on me until the time closed down to zero. The rest of the bags were delivered asap.
- I stayed in the safe zone close to the bag delivery area. You know you're in it if you look at map and see all the player dots transparent.
- I was killing NPCs and lawmen while waiting but I didn't die with the bag.
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Just an idea, maybe attempt to merge the bag alongside the free tailor items glitch?
As the outfits don't treat the glitched items as actual clothing (See bandanas). Perhaps it'd work with the bag if you had it on as you tried the clothing glitch?
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