SAMSUNG SH-D162C DVD-ROM Drive not recognised- HELP PLEASE!

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  1. greyjulie

    greyjulie Newbie

    I have recently bought a [FONT=&quot]SAMSUNG SH-D162C DVD-ROM Drive and had it installed on my computer, it was installed as drive R, while my existing dvd rw dual layer writer is the master drive (Q), my problem is that although it plays dvd's, cd's etc perfectly and Xbox 360[​IMG] games appear )and start up as a dvd initially ) my software- Xbox creator will not recognise it!
    I have to click on ASPI on the drive for it to show up, but nothing shows up in the files! I tried ejecting and putting back in but no luck!
    I bought the drive from a reputable source and cant figure out why it isn't recognised? It showed up as having Kreon firmware in one of the checks I did!
    When i try to use schtrom 360xtract is comes up with a red "X" and says "cant get feature list from drive! Its a Kreon compatible drive but doesnt seem to be flashed with the right firmware! Drive is used as a normal DVD-ROM!
    The online store I bought from is one of the leading ones on the net, I have bought in the past for other consoles, so it must be something I have done wrong with installing the drive??
  2. TheMagicNumber

    TheMagicNumber Enthusiast

    just flash it again..heres the kreon fw:

    thats my site,the fws are 100% clean...and i use the same drive as you flashed with the fw from there and it works perfectly.

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