Saint's Row 2 badges to boost here and any glitches?

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  1. kyle939

    kyle939 Enthusiast

    Heya people!

    Badges for you all to boost:

    There is a total of 32 Badges and you will need 30 of them to obtain the achievement "Kingpin".

    You can boost for badges in custom party games.

    Ranks are also considered badges. There are 20 Badges listed and there are 12 ranks.

    -Regular Badges-

    1. Road Rage - Kill 30 players with a vehicle impact.
    Just be in a car and hit and kill other players who are NOT on your team. Make sure the kill icon is a picture of a car. 30 of these will not be hard at all.

    2. Trigger Happy - Empty 250 clips by firing continuously (1 trigger pull per clip).
    During a party match get double semi-pistols with unlimited ammo on and keep shooting for about 15 minutes and you should get the badge after the game. Easy to get legit if you play online a lot. You must unload the full clip and make the gun auto-reload for it to count.

    3. Brain Surgeon - 100 Headshots.
    Get a sniper rifle and aim at the head and shoot and kill them. It is a 1 hit kill. You do not need the sniper rifle but it is recommended.

    4. Burnout - Kill 15 players by lighting them on fire.
    Use the flamethrower or Molotov ****tail to kill 15 players and make sure it shows the symbol of the weapon you used.

    5. Mass Murder - Get 10 multi-kills. (Description may be wrong, might only need 1 multi-kill.)
    To get a multi-kill just kill 2-3 people in less than 3 seconds. If you run two people over at once it will count as a multi-kill.

    6. No Questions Asked - 10 matches with 20 or more kills.
    Just play 10 matches and set kill limit to 25 with unlimited time. With your partner, both get 20+ kills then finish the match. Do this 10 times and you will have the badge.

    7. Leadfoot - Spend 1000 seconds racing in first place.
    1000 seconds is about 17 minutes. During a Strong Arm game, the activity has to be Racing. Be in first for 17 minutes total and you will have this badge. Can be done in Party Mode, just make it so Racing is the only activity. Go through 1 checkpoint and you will be in first.

    8. Saint Picasso - 100 tags taken. Tag over the enemy's tags. (Description wrong, need more than 200 tags.)
    You might not get this after 100 tags, for some people it has taken over 250 tags. Just have you and your partner keep re-tagging the same tag. Your partner has to be on the opposite team. Best done while going for "Leadfoot".

    9. Assault and Battery - Kill 30 players with non-pimp slap melee attacks.
    To do this just make it show a fist when you kill someone on the bottom left part of the screen. To do that, hit when they are about to die, this will count as a bare hand kill. Make sure you have 30 of these, you might accidentally get some non bare hand kills, so make sure to count all 30.

    10. Fully Loaded - Spend 300 seconds with all your weapon slots filled.
    300 seconds is 5 minutes. When you press make sure every slot is full. You do not have to have dual-wielding.

    11. Track Star - 3000 seconds spent sprinting.
    3000 seconds is 50 minutes. 50 minutes of sprinting is a lot. Turn on unlimited sprint and boost every other badge. Do not drive in any car just sprint everywhere you go. You should get this around your 15th badge.

    12. Original Gangsta - Play 10 ranked matches.
    Just play 10 ranked matches, win or loose, it does not matter.

    13. Team Spirit - Kill 10 players with the pimp slap.
    Get 10 kills with the Pimp Finger. The Pimp Finger is a foam finger with the middle finger up.

    14. Pimp - 20 matches played.
    All you have to do is play 20 matches. Can be ranked or custom/party. You will get this over time, and most likely get this while boosting for badges.

    15. Demo Demon - Drive 10 cars until they catch on fire, and remain in them until they explode.
    To get this badge, you have to get someone to shoot your car until it catches on fire and drive off while your car is on fire and then you blow up in it. What I did was shoot my car until it had black smoke then got on a long street and had my friend stand halfway down the street. I drove slowly down the street and he shot my car, once it caught on fire he stopped shooting and I started to accelerate. I then just drove and blew up. Getting 10 of these will be easy.

    16. Nutjob - 100 nutshot kills.
    Get a sniper rifle and shoot someone in the nuts 100 times. It takes 3 shots in the nuts to kill them. They will grab there nuts when they die, that will count as 1 nushot. Girls have nuts. You do not need the sniper rifle but it is recommended and you will not get the Aww Nuts! achievement for doing this.

    17. Party Animal - Host and win 1 Party Lobby.
    Host a party match and win it.

    18. Regulator - 5 matches with at least $30,000 scored.
    Make a Strong Arm game and set the score to $50,000. Play the activities and win the match. Do this for 5 times. You will get this easily and quickly.

    19. Ar... - Saints row 2 Multiplayer played on September 19th.
    Play on September 19th.

    20. Wrecking Crew - $50,000 Mayhem/Derby damage dealt.
    Set a Strong Arm game to $100,000 and turn off everything but Mayhem. Make sure to have unlimited ammo. When the game starts make sure you have pipebombs and a rocket launcher. Go to the location and throw pipebombs everything. When luxory cars start to show up, blow them up with the rocket. You will make $50,000 in less than 10 minutes this way.

    Demolition Derby is much harder since you blow up a lot, but if you are really good at it, try to blow up Gigatruck, because he gives $10,000 everytime he explodes.

    ** Everything is exact except for Saint Picasso.

    -Rank Badges-

    1. New Jack...................$0
    2. Thug..........................$2,500
    3. Killa...........................$10,000
    4. Gangsta.....................$25,000
    5. Soldier.......................$55,000
    6. Assassin.....................$105,000
    7. Enforcer.....................$187,500
    8. Dominator..................$310,000
    9. Terminator..................$501,250
    10. Executioner................$776,250
    11. Kingpin.......................$1,198,125
    12. Kingpin of Kingpins......$2,198,125

    That's the badges for you all people. The other badges you earn as you play through the game, which just unlock when ever, so I'm not sure on them.

    Does anyone know of any glitches or anything to better my killing to get more money, please share!

    Thank you!
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  2. ThaPunisher

    ThaPunisher Enthusiast

    if anybody wants to boost with me for some of these send me a pm
    (it has to be after the 14th though bc for some reason my account got suspended again)
  3. OP

    kyle939 Enthusiast

    I would boost with you, but outta that list I only need the AR... which I obviously can't get and the tags one.

    I need to find the rest, so I can get kingpin. I think I've got between 18 and 22 badges. Not sure. Which is why I need to find the rest of the badges cause I don't want to keep playing on live and not get any.

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