Runaway Chainsaw 2.0 Tutorial

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  1. GlitchKing

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    [ame=]YouTube - ?Gears of War 2 Glitches - Runaway Chainsaw 2.0[/ame]

    found by nickncs cP and xRYAN350x cP
    ***** sup guys and girls its nick, so me and ryan found runaway chainsaw 2.0 and you get all the side effects with the glitch, the new lag/levitation was found by jamie elite(or jokercpp and emoelmo) so props to him/them, with out that this glitch wouldnt be possible also ultra thanx to ViVa La xGRANTx for letting us use his dead body, also me and ryan have something coming so keep an eye on youtube*****
    1. Shoot some bullets and Side Mount
    2. take cover(A) then hold B while slideing [chainsaw] take cover, reload then go round the side of cover and hit b
    4. now take cover and get off cover
    5.down someone and meat-shield them. anyone who chainsaws them will instantly chainsaw them.]
  2. o SUBLiiMiNAL o

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    once you get the hang of this glitch, its actually pretty badass. I spent all of 5 hours trying to accurately do the glitch and its cool but doesnt affect the gameplay. I like it because it exposes whomever picks up a meatshield and renders them vulnerable to a shot.

    Nice Find!

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