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Rules & Guidelines

Discussion in 'Grand Theft Auto V Modded Lobbies' started by Connor, Jul 11, 2018 with 0 replies and 6,288 views.

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  1. Connor

    Connor Hi :3 Retired

    General Rules
    #1.1 This set of rules is an extension to the forum Terms & Rules. All items listed in the Terms & Rules still apply here, unless explicitly stated so.

    When posting a thread, it is highly advised that you SEARCH BEFORE YOU POST. There is a chance that someone has already asked your question, or covered your topic. Threads that are reposts will be deleted (potentially without notification).

    When posting a thread, please ensure that your thread is being submitted to the correct forum and/or sub-forum. If you've posted in the wrong section, you can Report your thread and ask for it to be moved. Excessively posting in the wrong section may lead to an infraction.

    Any content that is found to be violating any of the rules outlined here should be Reported. Please do not take it upon yourself to enforce any of these rules; mini-modding is also considered to be a violation of these rules.

    Any content that is related to a controversial topic is expected to be constructive. Content that appears to be posted for the purpose of "trolling" or purposefully causing arguments that are not constructive may be deleted.​

    Forbidden Content

    #2.1 Purchase, request, trade, and/or sale of virtual and/or physical items, including (but not limited to): Xbox Live/PSN accounts, subscription codes, Download Content (DLC), recoveries, gift cards, consoles, game discs, or anything else within the same category. If you would like to inquire about acquiring an Advertisement Spot, please Submit a Ticket under Admin Issues on the Tickets page.​

    • Advertising the sale of any items that would be in violation of this rule (whether on or off-site) is also forbidden.
    • Physical items may be sold in the Buy/Sell/Trade section, whilst some virtual items may be sold in the Premium Marketplace(Premium member is required).
    #2.2 Threads/posts related to the acquisition or distribution of content that classifies as "warez" (e.g. game downloads, .xex files, movies, etc.)

    Threads/posts that constitute as flaming, spamming, derailing, off-topic, low-effort, etc..​

    • Posts that are one-word replies or very short replies such as: "thanks" or "help me", will be considered as spam. Please use the "Like" and "Informative" Ratings to express your thanks if you're not writing a full reply.
    #2.4 Requiring and/or requesting that users contact you off-site in order to gain access to content listed within your thread (do not lead users off-site). This includes (but is not limited to) requiring and/or requesting that users contact you via: email, text, phone, or instant messaging (Discord, Skype, Kik, etc.).

    • Invitation links to Discord servers (or instances of your Discord discrim) that are not explicitly approved by a Staff member are not allowed. Threads/posts containing Discord server links will be deleted. If you are found to have linked a Discord server that violates any of these rules, or the rules listed on the Terms & Rules page, you will receive an infraction.
    #2.5 Threads/posts that violate any of the rules/guidelines that were agreed to within the Agreement message when posting your thread will be deleted without notice, and may lead to your account receiving an infraction.​


    #3.1 Threads/posts that are considered to be "low effort" are subject to be deleted without prior notice. This will be left to the discretion of the moderators of the section that your post is in.

    #3.2 "
    Mega threads" that are not frequently updated and/or maintained will lose their Sticky (if they are stickied) and/or locked from further replies. Mega threads that eventually go off-topic, or poorly cover a broad spectrum of topics are also affected by the aforementioned statement.
    #3.3 All threads will remain pending until they have been verified by a moderator. For a lobby to be verified you must meet one of the following proof requirements:

    a. Picture/Video proof of your active lobby alongside a piece of paper that includes: username, Se7enSins, and the date of the thread creation.
    #3.4 Threads that fail to meet at least one of these requirements will be voided.

    #3.5 Donations are allowed, but ONLY if you promote Se7ensins Premium within your thread. Below is the code to insert it into your post. Also take notice that donations cannot give special status or priority to a donator over other members. If this is discovered your lobby will be deleted.

    To add this to your post, simply copy what's in the box below and paste it in your thread. When you post your thread the premium banner will appear.
    [url= http://se7ens.in/UwHyAo][IMG]http://i.imgur.com/R9WGaGl.png[/IMG][/url]
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    Thank you for your cooperation,
    Se7enSins Moderation Team
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