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Solved RROD Jtag help


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i have a Jtagged xenon and recently it has been freezing after some gameplay and today i turned it on and it showed 2 red lights on the left side when standing up and when i lay it down it shows 3 RROD i don't know why it changes, it has had the X-clamp fix earlier this year and the GPU has been running far to hot nearly reaching 80 degrees during gameplay.

These are the options i have
1. Get GPU reballed with leaded solder (don't know where i can get this done in the U.K does it cost a lot?)
2. Get a reflow (will this fix it?)
3. Buy a pre reballed GPU chip (can i just buy a new one and put it in?)
4. Buy another motherboard

Hope someone can help me figure out what i should do
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