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    Does anyone have a glitch that can get you to level up fast? I'm lvl 18 on my 2nd character and trying to get to 100.
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    There's not too many decent RP glitches out there at the moment. Your best bet would have been to use the teleport glitch to abuse freemode events, CEO work & VIP jobs. But as that's now been patched it's all pretty dry at the moment.
    As your quite a low rank it should be a breeze to get to around rank 50-70 from doing contact missions on hard difficulty. I used to host mission sessions to grind for RP (Especially during double RP weekends on missions), so maybe you could use the quick job function to be put into mission lobby with a good few people. Once you have around 4+ players you can simply vote for the best missions on the voting screen such as A Titan of a job, Los Santos connection, Handle with care, High priority case (Will need a chopper), Crystal clear out 3, Extradition, Judging the jury, Trash Talk, Rooftop rumble, Diamonds are for Trevor... There are more good ones too but they always seem to give good RP.

    Also if your too low of a rank to unlock the job, it's ok so long as someone in the mission lobby is the right rank or have already completed the mission. Hence why I suggest using quick job and once you've completed the mission you'll be able to start it up anytime on your own through the pause menu. And finally you can always do races, but you won't get as much RP if your not finishing in the top 3 so it can be difficult to level up this way, same goes for TDM's too.
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