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Hey Everyone, :tongue:

There is a hot new glitch going on in the world of Apex Legends.
So today I am writing this out to show you guys how to do it. I will also link a video for you guys as well.

Things we need:
2. Good Timing

Now before I tell you how to do it. You can do this in the game but,
I wouldn't do this in-game because that's ****ed up bro
Respawn just needs to fix the game

How to do it: :what:

What you need to do is find a replicator. Once you find a replicator you need to then start crafting.
As the doors for the replicator are closing you need start crafting agian by doing this you will crash the servers.
when you crash the servers it will kick you out and you will have no rp loss at all.

Credit goes to Deez Carries for the video
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