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Hi there,

i tried to mod the Simpsons Tapped out game with a rootMod, which means i download the actual dlc data and modify some of the xml files inside the dlc or exactly inside the 1-file (which is an archive-file).
I have a toll which re-creates the 0 file from all the xml files, but it seems that this tool did not work properly, because when i replace the two file (0 and 1) insdide the correct game folder on my android device the games every time re-downloads the dlc and overwrites my files. so it seems that the signature or hash ist not correct.

I know that inside the 0-file are all the xml from the 1-file are listed with thte crc hashes of the xml files. so i have to write the correct hashes to the 0 file or maybe i have to fake the crc inside the xml files.

Maybe i have to sign the 0 file or re-write the crc hash form the original 0-file? Does anybody know more about this and could help? Maybe there are other working tools/scripts out there and someone is able to share these with me? I'v read about tools names "0-file-patcher" oder "game script creator"?

thanks a lot
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