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Discussion in 'Android' started by xXJimLaheyXx, Oct 30, 2015 with 2 replies and 906 views.

  1. xXJimLaheyXx

    xXJimLaheyXx Newbie

    Today im gonna be giving a tutorial on how to root almost any android device

    First ill start by saying these are not my applications and all credit goes to its rightful owners.
    I am NOT responsible for any loss of data or devices breaking because of using this app, it has been tested on MANY devices and is considered the easiest one click root available.

    *This may look confusing and it is a somewhat long tutorial but its pretty fool proof and a lot easier than the majority of the ways to gain root out there and this is pretty much proven universal so you dont have to search around google all day for the right tutorial.

    *Make sure you have a decent amount of battery. (50% should be fine just in case)

    *on your android go to settings/security/unkown sources Check it if its not checked already.

    *Pay attention and read each step carefully comment or PM me if you have a question or concern.

    *This has been shown to work on majority of devices regardless of service provider.

    * In my personal use ive done it on an LG running 4.4.2 kitkat with no issues whatsoever.

    *Find the recovery mode combination for your device and how to exactly get to it(many devices are different). This is very important in case of soft bricking, I personally believe it is highly unlikely but in case it happens better safe than not knowing what to do.

    This is so easy because it is considered a "temporary root", im not going to go into it but you basically cant use all root apps because kingroot wont grant it permissions for root access BUT after i show you how to do this "temprorary root" you will be able to replace kingroot with SuperSU, which is the best app to grant apps root access and is fully functional with a decent variety of features like survival mode, or otarootkeeper for people who want to try to keep root and still update their devices software.(smaller updates usually only work, big ones no guarantee, like kitkat-lollipop but who knows).

    *Make sure you have your data backed up with a cloud and or google etc.. for now in case of this app soft bricking your device(not sure what the chances of soft bricking or bricking is) but just in case.

    *If at any time a boot loop occurs(phone wont turn on, stuck on boot) try to put your phone into recovery mode, look up on the internet what the combination of buttons is to activate recovery for your specific device(its usually something like hold volume down, power button) , then wipe davlik cache if available and factory restore. This will definitely fix any problems, probably even just cleaning the davlik cache, but im not sure if you can do that without a custom recovery.*

    First go to the kingroot website here and click on download http://www.kingroot.net/wap/download

    Next use the application to root your device. Its pretty simple just open up the app and go down to try it or something like that, it will check for your root status, after it verifies you dont have root click on root.

    Next your device will probably reboot and after you should have root access and be promoted to grant permissions, hit accept. If your software was exploitable with this method you will now know.

    *If a problem occurs and your phone is stuck in boot loop(wont turn on, stuck on logo etc..) now is the time to put your phone into recovery mode, clear davlik cache if possible, try to reboot. If you dont have that option or it still wont work after wiping davlik cache a factory data reset may be the only option. If this happened your device probably isnt compatable and an error occured. If you want to you can try it again some people have had luck just reinstalling and trying again.
    *Thats why backing up data before this is very important.

    Once rooted follow these next steps very carefully.

    Download this file http://www.megafileupload.com/mbiu/Replace_Kinguser_with_SuperSU-v2.4.zip

    Download Terminal Emulator from the playstore (android cmd prompt)

    Download Winzip from the playstore (to open .zip files)

    Open this zip file up with winzip click on the zip file, you should see the foldrer named mrw, press and hold click copy to then storage. Your internal storage may come up as sd card. Place it in there thats it nowhere else dont click into any folders just internal storage along with everything else in there open it and confirm there are 4 files inside.

    After confirming there are 4 files inside and confirming the folder named "mrw" is placed inside your internal storage you can open up the terminal emulator and type these commands in this order seperately:
    Sh /sdcard/mrw/root.sh

    An error might occur, ignore this.
    SuperSU should now launch itself.

    Next update the su binary and once done reboot. DONE. Delete kingroot and all attatched components.
    If you want for a nice cleanse you can wipe whats called your davlik cache[Not personal data or anything like that just app stuff you dont know about].
    Download Root Explorer(you should have this anyways)*on playstore*
    Open it up and go to data then scroll down and youll see davlik cache, click on this go to the bottom of root explorer and click multi-sel, select EVERYTHING inside this folder and DELETE it.
    Now IMMEDIATELY reboot your device or it will probably become unstable. At some point while its booting up It will most likely say android is upgrading or something like that. Now your phone is clean, officialy rooted and ready to go.
    Enjoy your new fully rooted experience.

    I'll be posting more informative tutorials soon for people who are interested in taking their rooted devices further and getting the most out of them.
    Please like or comment id like to hear some feedback.
    PM me or leave a comment for any questions or concerns before attempting this.
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  2. Remedy

    Remedy Black Desert Online Lifetime

    Nice tutorial brother.. Doing good here so far
  3. OP

    xXJimLaheyXx Newbie

    Thanks man i appreciate it.
    Just a question though, why is this considered a google tutorial? It got moved from android to here, and if I want to post any tuts for android phones should i put them in google tuts from now on?
    Sorry and thanks.
    Last edited: Oct 30, 2015

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