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Tools RocketBot 2.0.1 Beta looks like official client thanks to using protos new than aeon lucid

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For live support message me for the link
Botting is always has risk so use with caution. I, nor the devs, are liable for bans. You have been warned.

We currently have a user that has been running the bot for 3 days straight

Download is below
## Features

* PTC / Google Login
* Always up to date on the latest api
* Get Map Objects and Inventory
* Live map showing Pokstops and farming path
* Search for Pokestop
* Farm Pokstops
* Farm all Pokemon in the neighbourhood
* Evolve Pokemon
* Transfer Pokemon
* Power-up Pokemon
* Auto-Favorite Pokemon
* Force unban
* Use LuckyEgg
* Support is always available on our discord
* Auto-Recycle unneeded items
* View all Pokmon CP/IV %
* Transfer/Powerup/Evolve Pokemon
* Output level and needed XP for the next level up
* Output Username, Level, Stardust, XP/hour, Pokmon/hour in Console Title
* Automatic use of Razzberries
* Automatic Update checker
* Always getting better
* Logs everything into Logs folder
* and much more

Download and virus scan (says hacking tool for pokemon go)
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