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Patched robbing the same store multiple times and get double money

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Hello everyone,

Don't know if someone allready posted this.

This can be done solo.

1. Get a invite for a heist
2. Just do the steps as shown in the robbing a store get double money
3. Accept the heist invite after a couple of minutes when you recieved the invite
4. A msg would appear saying the lobby is full, do you want to wait in a que?
5. Press B or O
6. You will spawn near the store you robbed and you will be able to rob it again

Alternative method:
Rob store and then go to SP and back to MP (prefered: start - online - leave gta v)

I always rob the 2 stores that are close to Del Perro Heights, Apartment 4. Then accept the invite or go offline and then rob the 2 stores again :smile:
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Do the 3 stores in Chumash, 1/2 way up on the west coast of the map.....they are all right there huddled together. Neat stuff....don't forget to shoot the other register if the store has 2, to get the additional $70-$90 from it each time.
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