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riot shield boosting



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-Equipment slot must be either tactical insertion or blast shield
-Secondary nade must be smoke grenade
-If you have 2 kills or more you will be replaced, even if they are both accidents, if you're killing someone more than once in a game then you aren't paying close enough attention, NO EXCEPTIONS,
-if anyone defuses they will be replaced, if someone misses a plant or a defuse is needed to make the game go the full 7 rounds, either the team leader in charge of the game or whoever my partner is will be tasked with defusing the bomb so pay attention
-people will be paired according to their level, not their wishes, i will not make someone lose out on xp because you at level 10 want to be with your level 60 buddy who has akimbo p90's when it will force another high level to be paired with a shot gunner
-If any nades of any sort are thrown I will kill the whole opposite team and end the round.
-no shooting anyone's shields besides your partners or trying to backpack points from other players. If you do so they have permission to kill you without warning.

Here is a Gun list of what I expect you guys to have when you are certain lvls to make it easier and to get everyone max exp

lvl 1-15 Spas w/o Scavenger Pro
lvl 15-45 Spas w/ Scavenger Pro
lvl 45+ Akimbo P90 w/ OMA


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