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Unsolved RGH1 Xenon on dash 9199 (NXE)

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Hello, I recently obtained a RROD Xbox from EBay. The RROD was ironically because of lack of AV cables, and it fired right up after I plugged some in. It’s still on the NXE dash (9199) which is super cool to me, and I’d love to keep it on there.

I’ve RGH’d several other consoles successfully, and I know Xenon is extremely unreliable, but it also has a dead DVD drive that id like to replace, so I at least need to get to Xell.

I have a cool runner rev c, and some files to load the 9199 ECC so that’s not an issue. However, I couldn’t find any information on performing RGH1 on this dash, let alone on an Xenon motherboard. Some of the points seem to be completely different (notably, the B point).

Is this even possible for me to do. If there is any way I will try it

Edit - I have found an old guide for Xenon RGH. (https://team-xecuter.com/team-xecuters-xenon-reset-glitch-hack/)

I tried with that wiring, and glitch1 selected(does this matter before nand write?) and the cool runner doesn’t flash green. I noticed the guide uses a rev b. Yes I did the cap bridges necessary and removed the rst capacitor. I’m stuck here for now. I will post pictures of soldering if necessary, but I am very confident in my soldering.
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