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Unsolved RGH Instantly Goes into Sleep Mode upon Boot then Completely powers off

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it was working fine earlier yesterday I had reflashed my nand for the first time and surprisingly ****ing worked, I played some bo3 & gta online
and then powered it off and later i powered it back on and it just went into sleep mode, i tried bypassing my plugins, did the same thing, after that i tried turning off my internet to make sure i was actually bypassing them so i turned it on once the net was off and the rgh just stayed there at the boot screen like it should when it cant connect to a stealth, after that i turned it off and turned it back on waited around 3-6 seconds and ejected rgh booted up displayed the boot animation then went into sleep mode after that it completely shut off
RGH Info
Current Dash - 17559
Stealth - Exotic Live (i'm broke af xd)
thanks in advance to the manz that helps me fix this ****
if you would like to contact me privately about this matter you can contact me with one of the listed options below
PH# - 469-299-0285
Instagram - yuhthebooter
Discord - yuhthebooter#1111
Snap - yuhthebooter
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