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Unsolved RGH First Time Questions - Need Help



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Hi, want to start off saying this will be my first time trying to RGH an xbox 360. I have a lot of experience with soldering especially small electronics.

I have a slim trinity. I have many random questions, some will end up in this post. Am looking for a general, preferably up to date, guide how to go about doing this. I have done some research but am still confused what do I need to successfully do this. Not looking for bare minimum, would like this to last for a while. Main question is where to purchase legit and quality chips from. I have checked on ebay but prices range a lot and some look very fishy, especially when looking at X360 Ace v3. Speaking of the ace chip, I have read somewhere that I shouldn't use it because something about bad timing/boot times and not working with certain motherboards.

Please any guidance and help would be appreciated as I continue researching this. Thanks!


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have a look at the SRGH tutorial here Check this post by oblivioncth too.
Believe its the most upto date method, which uses a ACE V3 or TX RGX/DGX glitcher.
other that that your left with something like the TX CR3 PRO or TX CR4 XL, but these are a more costly method.
for hardware check ebay and similar places, you may even find a joblot of hardware on ebay from someone exiting the modding scene.
check Modchipcentral see what stock they have available too.
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