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Question RGH 3 Corona slim with big block nand / running rgloader

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So my end goal is to be able to run Rgloader on my RGH3 16mb corona slim, there are not too many resources or tutorials on these subjects. I know XDKBuilder exists but i also know rgloader has a lot more features that id like to use. So i have a couple questions.

1. Do i need a nand upgrade, which size nand do i need 256mb or 512mb, and where can i get these modules for sale ?
2. Does a viper dual nand work for this and what size are those ?
3. Can i just shadowboot, how ?
4. Can i just use a split partition or import specific patches into the nand build, how ?

If you can answer any or all of these i would really appreciate it, thanks.

My questions arise from this video here but im not sure what specific tools are used or which patches or how to add them:
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