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Unsolved RGH 1.2 help X360 Ace chip

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Having trouble with the initial boot on my RGH 1.2 attempt. I'm trying to boot xell to get the CPU key. Using a Jasper (16mb) board, jr programmer and an X360 Ace v3 chip. I've got matching nand dumps, written the ECC and I'm now trying to flash the chip and get a successful glitch. I'm seeing some strangeness with the LEDs on my chip.

So, I gather that the lights on the ace chip should be: red on while the console is plugged in, green flashes at each glitch attempt, and solid green upon success (based on a few videos). Funny thing is, the status of my green light at plugged in changes depending on the timing file I flash to the chip.

I'm circling back to wiring. Checking continuity across my solder connections. I've got a 22k resistor on the PLL and I'm finding that the PLL grounds on the motherboard side. Is this normal? Does the PLL normally establish a ground connection? or do I have a short?

Looks to me like the RST point also grounds... P.S. I'm using jointheresistance's RGH 1.2 tutorial


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Each timing file will make the green/pulse LED blink differently.You will know when you have the sweet spot timing file programmed to the Ace chip,when "Xell" or your dashboard boot up (in around 10 seconds or under).
My Slim Trinity with an Ace v3 boots in around 6-7 seconds (normally on the second glitch cycle)
But each console is different in the way it behaves with the RGH exploit,that's why there's a number of timing files for specific consoles (Jasper,Falcon,Zepher,Trinity and Corona boards)
It's just a case of starting with the first of the "Jasper/Xvsf" timing files programmed/flashed to your Ace chip,if no luck getting "Xell" to boot to obtain your boards "CPU" key so you can then build/create your hacked nand image.Then flash the next timing file to the Ace chip.
I normally wait for around 10-20 seconds when i've programmed a timing file to the chip,if nothing boots up on my screen,i then flash/program the next timing file and so on.
If you are 100% sure your wiring is good.Start by flashing the Jasper Dynamic xsvf timing file to the Ace chip.If your not getting "Xell" to boot in around 10-30 seconds,i would desolder your power wire from the Ace chip,reflash your stock nand dump image,reconnect your DVD drive to the Jasper board and see if your console boots into stock dashboard.
If it does,that's great,just resolder your glitch power wire back to the Ace chip and working through those Jasper xsvf timing files one at time,waiting 10-20 seconds to see if "Xell" boots.
Could you post good clear pics of your glitch wire install please.Always handy to have a second pair of eyes on soldering.
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