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Rexion's Borderlands 3 Boosting Service

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I will send you an invite, so just wait for me to reply to your post. Don't send me a message on Xbox.

This thread will be closed when I am offline and open when I am online.

I am currently not offering item duping at the moment so please don't post requesting for duping. I will offer duping at a later time and will edit the thread title to reflect it.

Boost takes around 15-20 minutes to level from 1-50.


When you post your request:
  • Always post your GT.
  • All requests are to be posted on this thread, not on PM, not on Xbox Live and not on my profile page.
  • Don't post a request unless you are online and ready.
  • Do not bring your friends to the boosting lobby. You will be kicked.
In game:
  • Don't cause lag. No shooting, throwing grenades or using action skill. Don't melee my face or jump on me.
  • Stay out of your menus to avoid preventing fast travel.
  • Move to the platform to start the boosting/round.
  • If you die. Move upstairs to the area with the windows and stay there.
  • I offer this service for members of Se7enSins for free, on my own spare time. I reserve the right to NOT fulfill your request if you break the rules of Se7enSins, or this thread's rules.
  • Breaking the rules might cause me to leave/kick you. (Even if your request is incomplete, I may not respond.) If you keep breaking the rules, you will get a weeks ban or a permanent ban from my Service. These are not handed out lightly, but I will not hesitate to, if needed.
  • I limit my generosity to one GT per account.
  • If you have received help several times and the thread is busy, you might not be prioritized.
  • In general, all I ask in return for my time and effort is patience. I try my best to help everyone.
  • By requesting these services, you acknowledge that I am not to be held responsible for any bugs or errors that may occur as a consequence of boosts.
Please do NOT send additional requests over Xbox Live. If you want something, this thread is here for a reason. I am not online 24/7.

If I have helped you before on a separate thread, please still make a post on this one. Do not message me on Xbox. Just because I've helped you before it does not mean that you are entitled to special treatment.

Please be patient, I assure you I'm doing my best to get to all of you.

If you have to wait for a few hours, even a day, well, tough luck. I am helping you for free on my own spare time, do not forget that.

Thread heavily inspired and approved by Sparfire. :thumbsup:
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GT Hybritian

Read rules

LEGIT Funny guy too. Just post and get an invite.
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Just finished getting to max level really quick and easy process.

Thanks man really appreciate it have a good rest of your day

Thaw Astro
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