Solved Returning banned xbox?


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Hope this is in the right place.

Apparently there was a ban wave this week, and I ended up getting a console ban.

Now I need 2 questions answered.

My xbox was bought used from gamestop, and I have a years warranty right now. I plan on taking it in anyways because the disc tray is messed up. Now when I take it in, I don't plan on mentioning the console ban. Will I have to deal with them when they get my xbox back when someone complains about it being banned?

My profile has modded backgrounds, gamerpics, etc.. on it.. will I get in trouble again with a new console if I still have things on there? Should I remove the stuff just to be safe or what?

Victoria Justice

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you should be able to take it back if you still have warranty on it just don't mention the ban and i am not sure if a custom BG will cause a ban of the profile because i have a custom BG and also some free gamer pic's from modio too and i am not banned Yet
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