(Requesting) A New, Updated Standbying Tutorial for All New Games

Discussion in 'Xbox 360 Support Archive' started by ii CoRrUpT xX, Dec 24, 2008 with 0 replies and 308 views.

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  1. ii CoRrUpT xX

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    I would appreciate it so much if someone would take their time to create a new, detailed tutorial involving standbying and bridging host. I'm sure many other people would appreciate it as well, and you would get lots of thanks :thumbup: considering like all of the tutorials on bridging and standbying old around here. Please make it detailed and simple, for a noob like me. You don't know how grateful I would be. Also, please include where to download what software, etc. I hope I am not leaving anything out.

    THANKS :biggrin:

    Please, someone help me out. I am sure everyone would appreciate this. Maybe you could get TOTM. :cool:

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