[request] Mods that also work for 360

Discussion in 'Halo 2 Mod Help' started by xXMockeyXx, Nov 7, 2008 with 0 replies and 286 views.

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    Well, some of you like me could be modders of Halo 2 with an xbox 360...

    I for one am kinda sad that I can't mod old maps... just DLC... I thought I heard someone saying they could change the old modded map into a DLC just by changing something..

    So what I am really requesting is...
    Once you have your modded map, if you can convert it into say, "Turf" or a DLC map everybody has, so that us 360 modders can use and download it.

    In otherwords have two downloads: 1 of the "Zanzibar.map" And 2 of the "Turf.map" which would in terms be the Zanzibar with a different ISO (Sorry if this is the wrong name)

    Well, thanks to anyone who does this, or if it is even possible :wink:

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