Remodelling the warthog

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  1. Gothikpunk91

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    ok, i used entity to extract the model, i now have 160 pieces of a warthog. what the heck do i do next? I mean i made the model i want, its the main body piece with blades(dont ask). But when i construct it, its always just the normal warthog. how do i make it stay in the model i want? is the a list as to what piece goes to what? and i dont have time to find the body pieces in the 160 .obj's. Any help would be apretiated

  2. joey4785

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    Yes there is Several body Pieces they make each piece like in an average of 20 polys so i would guess there is alote in there.

    Also to skin the extra blades try UVWing so they wont be black HERE

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