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[Release - Tutorial] German Truck Simulator Modding

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This is a tutorial on how to mod German Truck Simulator's Game Save;

This will show you how to:

- Give Unlimited Money
- Rank up super fast
- Unlock new jobs

More to come soon...

Please make sure you BACKUP your latest save before doing this.

First you need to go to where your game is saved so usually this would go to

C:\Users\[Your Profile Name]\Documents

Loof for a file named "German Truck Simulator"

Open it up then go to the file named Save Then either you can click on Auto Save or one of your own saved games.

Double click on the file and usually it will come up with a notice. click on browse for a program to open this file with, once that window has appeared click on Notepad.

Once open it will look a alot like the picture below.
Now what you need to do is to hold down Ctrl+F Then a box should appear asking to locate a specific work or phrase. what you need to put in that box is in the picture below.​
After you have typed that in click find and it will take you straight to where you have your details for your bank account on the game. You may but any number up to 9 digits long so any number from 1-999,999,999
Now you have done this you can now click save and play the game.​
Reputation Point Mods (Rank)
To get yourself to top rank you need to open your save file again and the first step is to locate your player details so hold Ctrl+F then search for what is in the picture below.​
Once you have found it you may put any 9 digit number in again. so anything from: 1 - 999,999,999
When i modded my own i put it to 999,999,999 because when you are doing jobs and you get fined for speeding or failing to stop at traffic lights or even maybe crashing, it deducts reputation points from your finial rank so you may have to keep updating your rank total if you are a terrible driver.​
Thanks for reading, i will be looking out for more mods for this later on and i will update this post when i do find something.​
Credits for tutorial and Release; xXI RoGuE IXx​


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