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[Release/Source] Red Dead Redemption TU0 Native Hook

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Red Dead Redemption Native Hook
I'm not sure if it has been done before, I was playing around with RDR and come up with this after some hours. This will let you call native functions ingame, this is pretty much the same code as the GTAV native hook we all know as the game use the same engine, and so, the same way to call natives.

I did not make advanced script with natives here, my code will just give you godmode at the start of the game. My hook to the main thread is pretty crap but this is the easiest I found, this is ok to call all the native you want.

For some reasons you can't load natives in a hash table at the start of the game or it will not load and then crash, so you will have to call them from their offset and not their hash, I made a dump of them: pastebin/raw/XZGBir31

If you want the name of a function you will have to brute force it, like in GTA it has been encrypted with Jenkins hash, here is some function that has already been brute forced: pastebin/raw/HMcNtPHK (I did not make this dump)

Keep in mind I did this on original xex (TU0) so if you want to use it on the lastest update you will have to update offsets.

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This is cool! Thanks for this.


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Nice I may try this out. I just started playing this game a bit. Cool people are still playing and modding this game.
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