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Discussion Region Lock in PlayerUnknown's BattleGrounds



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Region locking is a topic in the gaming world that has the community divided. Some want it, while others want to work around it.

Region locks are placed in games so theat people from the same region can only play with each other, hence getting better ping in matches. But players complain that it limits the true potential of the game. Gamers usually want to play with diverse people from around the world so they can polish their game further.

On the reverse side, some games like Playerunknown's BattleGrounds are open and have no region locks, but, the community seems to want. They do so because the game is infested with hackers and cheat users and most of them are from China.

Other valid reasons for wanting a region lock include high ping. If your match has someone from a distant region (geographically) then you are bound to get high ping resulting in lag. Which you do not want. And the worst part is, the guy from the distant region gets the advantage in hit registration.

Communication is another key area which takes a hit when playing with diverse people. English is regarded as the general language, but when you end up with people who don't speak english, in your team, you can forget about any team plays or calls.

So where do guys stand on the subject of region lock in PUBG, Yay or Nay?


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Thought you had the option to choose your region.

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Thought you had the option to choose your region.
That is the case.

There already is a region-lock. When you choose your region, the game puts you into a lobby with people from that region. I’m English, so I go with the European region. If anyone from the North American, Oceanic or Asian regions join the European one, then they will get the lag.
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