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PS4 Redownload P.T. (Must have already downloaded it before)



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If you had P.T. downloaded and then deleted it before it was pulled from the PS Store you can download it again. Normally you will get a error if you try to download it now. I found this on Reddit and it worked for me.

Credit for posting on Reddit: Orangpelupa SOURCE

"P.T. is the latest game from the brilliant Hideo Kojima, Guillermo Del Toro, and Norman Reedus. But it was deleted from PSN, preventing people from re-downloading.

But now you can re-download it directly from PS4 thanks to this app.

remember to BACKUP TO USB after downloading P.T.

video proof and tutorial:
step-by-step guide: http://gamexeon.com/forum/threads/c...silent-hills-tanpa-repot.100015/#post-1435200

quick guide:
If it does not work:
  • make sure you are using PSN Account that have valid P.T. license (have "purchased" it). Remember, this does not enable piracy. You must have valid P.T. license.
  • make sure your PC and PS4 is in the same network
  • make sure you typed the correct proxy server address (your own PC, do not copy the number on video)
  • make sure the port is 808."
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