Patched Red Riot Shield Glitch[Tutorial]


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(The other team cant see red only you or anybody spectating you,or killcam).This is a glitch to make your riot shield glow bright red like when you try to place your riot shield in a spot you can not place it in.It glows that color,This is good for troll killcams,trickshotting,Or just to show your team.This is what the shield looks like when it glows:

So to do this glitch there are some things you need to know first you must be on the map turbine with a class that has a riot shield,and anything else you want,Next go onto the map turbine.Once you are on turbine you need to go to the mounted turret(If you dont know where the turret is at,it is located inside one of the two buildings). Ok so you're now at a mounted turret then you pull out your riot shield.To get it to glow red you walk up to the turret with your riot shield out and hold but right after you hold x hold rt and you should shoot the turret a little,back out of the turret,If its still not glowing red keep repeating until you get it down.Now to keep it red dont switch weapons place the shield or use tacticals or lethals. Hope this helps if so let me know or thumbs up :wink:
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