Red Dead Redemption II: Ultimate Edition - Physical or Digital?

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    For those that are unaware, these are the differences between them:

    Digital Pre-order: Arthur Morgan is given a bit of cash at the start of the game - enough to buy a weapon, some essential supplies, and some ammo. In addition to this, Arthur is also given a treasure map to help him find hidden treasures.

    Physical Pre-order: A steelbook case for the game, as well as a physical copy of a map.

    My question is: What does everyone think is better?

    Personally, I want both... My reasoning behind this is, if I get the digital version, I can download the full game prior to its release, so I’ll be able to play it as soon as it hits midnight. Whereas, for a physical purchase, I can only buy it at midnight, so I wouldn’t really be playing the game until about 3~ in the morning if I take the possible download time into account.

    As for the content you receive, I’m in favour of the physical case. I don’t think I care much about the small money boost at the start of the game, and if I really wanted to find that treasure, I would end up just searching online. So, reeeally, it all comes down to those first couple of hours of gameplay on the day of the release, and the steelbook case and map.

    I pre-ordered digitally for the bonus GTA dollars, but I can still cancel the pre-order and buy it in store, which is what I’m growing my tempted to do.
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    I say go with the digital version, if you don't care for the steel box and the map collectible. Digital is always more convenient in the long run ad you won't be switching discs when you want to play other games. Also as you said, you will have it downloaded on release ready to go.

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