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Recruiting For Clan - Looking to be competitive and to have fun

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We are currently a clan of 6 and rising if people like you want to join. We are about to be level 3 because we only have two founders, one being myself. Once Clan Operations are available we will do most if not all of them and it would be amazing if we could get more members, especially founder/premium because...
To participate in a clan operation, you need to be a premium member of a clan and your clan’s leader must enlist your clan before the operation has started. If you are a free Elite member, you can still play along side your clan mates in MW3 during operations, but we only score the premium members of your clan.

So being a founder/premium would help us in all ways and will rank up our clan faster so you and all of our clan-members can get the benefits of leveling our clan like double xp. If you are a free call of duty elite member just let me know you k/d ratio just to see if it might affect our clan k/d in a great way or a bad way. And last of all if you are a free member let me know if you will eventually become a premium member so you could help us in clan operations.

You can contact me in one or all of the following ways (preferably one or both of the first two)...
  • Post below
  • Msg/Friend Request my GT: SuperSMAN2121
  • Msg my Call of Duty Elite page
  • Write on our Clan Wall (Clan Name iSin)
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