Record Any Sound that Comes Out of Your Speakers

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    Background: Have you ever wanted to save an audio from online radio stations, myspace, etc? Well here is a quick and dirty way of recording the sound comming from your speakers! It works on windows, macs and linux but the good doesnt stop there! The software to do it is 100% free.

    Needed Software:

    1. Open up Audacity
    2. Near the upper right of audacity there is a drop down box i believe Microphone is the default option, however it may also say Stereo Mix, Phone, Line In, Aux, Microphone, CD Player, or Wave Out Mix
    3. Click on this box and select Stereo Mix, this is basically telling it to grab what is coming out of your speakers.
    4. Now is a good time to close all applications you arent using such as AIM, Gtalk, Facebook, etc. This is because we are going to grab all sound coming from the speakers,so if you are recording an online radio and got an IM. That IM sound would be in your recording, talk about annoying.
    5. Click on the record button it is the big red circle, next to the play button(green triangle).
    6. Start the audio you wish to be recorded.
    7. Click on the stop button(red square)
    8. When your done save it by going to File and then Export as wav . you may also choose Export as mp3, the mp3 option will leave you with a smaller file size.

    • You can trim/cut out pieces of the audio by highlighting it and pressing delete. If you realize you cut out to much just press ctrl+z to undo.

    Source: TutorialNinjas
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    The dll for MP3 encoding/converting for Audacity is here(lame_enc.dll):


    Its an auto-extracting exe that will(i think) automatically associate itself with Audacity.
    If not, browse and select "C:/Program Files/Lame for Audacity/lame_enc.dll" in the Audacity Menu.
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