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Solved Reballing an xbox


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So i have 3 bricked consoles 2 have the 0022 codes and one is j tag-able if fixed (pre nxe dash) and the other has 0102 error code and so Ive been searching online and yes ive done xclamp fix and then tried to reflow on all these consoles and had no luck. So while looking online i found many posts saying that the only way to get cosoles with these error codes up and running is to do a method called reballing which is replacing the solder balls of the gpu with new ones. So i tried doing this with the 0102 console for practice with a heatgun which is kind of risky but it came off bad news is that i kind of got distracted and raped the solder points and it got kind of messy. im guessing it cant be replaced so im going to dismantle the cpu and hana for practice. Ive seen videos on youtube doing this but ive never known or heard of this method has anyone se7ensins done this? if possible pics


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your, really best of going on ebay i know that there are many reballers on there...
but they use something like a griddle to melf it all down...


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I just sent my jtag out to a guy in California to get reballed. I found him on ebay. And there really aren't that many who do reballing. But there are a lot who do REFLOWING.

Reballing does not mean the same as reflowing.
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