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Razer Blackwidow to blackwidow ultimate



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Hi! Soo ive been thinking really long time about changing switches in my blackwidow from green to black because the are much quiter soo i bought them, and fun begins now, so i desoldered switches: numbers 1,2
and noticed: damn there are led contact points and thought: why not install leds there, i checked if there were any voltage delivered to these points and answer is no why? because keyboard dont have driver to do that, i have been searching for good few hours and didnt found any drivers for blackwidow ultimate (i am going to turn that keyboard to ultimate version by swapping its drivers so razer synapse think its ultimate version and allows controller to deliver power to led points) and now...
i am asking you: the commiunity of se7ensins to help me find blackwidow ultimate drivers, if you have that keyboard and are willing to get its drivers and upload it on google drive for others that cant find these anywhere we would be really happy, and sorry for my english.
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