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Rapid Fire

Discussion in 'Xbox 360 Hardware Customizations' started by Supermagma, Nov 10, 2008 with 3 replies and 927 views.

  1. Supermagma

    Supermagma Enthusiast

    Hey there everyone, me and my friend are looking into making two rapid fire controllers for use with games such as Halo 3 and COD:WAW.

    We both have a matrix controller board thingy :biggrin:
    We will be doing the mod with just the switch and 2 wires.

    What is the best way to make the hole that the button will sit in ?
    Can i use any colour wire and any button ?
    If i accidently heat the LED wire will i break my controller ?
    I live in the UK, where can i get a screwdriver to open the controller ?

    ONE BIG QUESTION: Can i get banned from xbox live for using this mod ?

    Many thanks and sorry for being a noob cake !
  2. mrwickedd

    mrwickedd Enthusiast

    there's a really good tutorial --->> http://www.se7ensins.com/forums/hardware-customizations/103309-make-rapid-fire-controller.html

    it pretty much answers all those questions, but Any color wires would work just make sure they arent too thick or else your gona have a problem closing the controller. As for drilling the hole you could use a dremel, orrrrr u can do it using my cheap method (cuz i didnt wanna buy anything else):: i used a screw to make the initial hole and then i just used my soldering iron to make it the size i needed... n it worked pretty well ;] ....oh yeah about heating the led it would just make the LED not light up, but the controller would be fine...so just take your time doing that part.

    as for the button, you could use momentary push button, but make sure its Normally Open one....oh yeah and no i don't think you can get banned from live with it...at least i hope....what if people can really pull the trigger that fast? :thumbup:
  3. David5534

    David5534 Premium Premium

    1. A drill.
    2. Yes but make sure you button will fit inside the controller.
    3. No, the led will not light up anymore but your controller will be fine.
    4. You can use a small flat head and break the security tip off the screw then just use a normal Torx screw driver or the right sized flat head.
  4. CourtneyGM

    CourtneyGM Banned

    Just go to GamerModz.com and buy one of their Rapid Fire controllers. They just released a Dual Speed undetectable Rapid Fire for Call of Duty 5 and they have all kinds of Modz for Call of Duty 4, Halo 3 and Gears of War 1 and 2. Bought one for my boyfriend and he LOVES them!

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