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Rainbow Six 1 HELP

Discussion in 'Xbox 360' started by F R E X Z, Aug 15, 2009 with 2 replies and 415 views.

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  1. F R E X Z

    F R E X Z Enthusiast

    Im sorry for starting a new thread, but ive looked all over for this and i could find the info anywhere.

    Does anyone know how to kick someone from a ranked matched on Rainbow Six Vegas 1 if so could you please tell me how.


    and COULD NOT find the info.
  2. Stocking

    Stocking Enthusiast

    The exact same way that you boot someone in Halo when your host. Just add their IP to your firewall and hit block.
  3. iXTruk

    iXTruk Newbie

    F R E X ignore the above, its alot more easier doing it on the xbox

    You will need a Memory Card with a template set with an item that is restricted.

    > Whilst in a ranked game and wanting to kick someone cause their glitching you or even beating you, Pause the game.
    > Options and under the general tab, 'Select Storage Device' and change to Memory Card.
    > repeat the above but this time change storage device back to your Hard Drive.
    > then it should chuck you back to the Lobby screen, all you got to do is Unready then click Players and Kick the dirty glitcher :tongue:

    No need for all that IP blocking with your firewall

    Best of luck


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